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"I've been working with Ted for almost two years on my novel.

He is extremely approachable and incredibly knowledgeable.

I sometimes look at his edits and think to myself, 'I never would
have been able to come up with that on my own.' In short, he's great."


Tom Carlson

The Witness Bearer

"Ted has proven himself a thoughtful and thorough proofreader and is on my A-list. I'm giving him final drafts that have been seen by several pairs of eyes and he is making great suggestions and catching mistakes others have missed."


Terrel Lefferts

Once Upon a Dance

"Ted did a wonderful job editing my book. His editing, insight, and suggestions for improvement made volume one of A Band Geek’s Diary so much better. I look forward to working with him again on the rest of the trilogy!"

Steven Hendricks

A Band Geek's Diary: The Upbeat

"Ted took my good story and made it great, by adding value to the telling of my journey. Working with him has been an engaging experience. I am forever grateful to Ted for his devotion and skill in fine-tuning my story."

Narda Pitkethly

Nardagani: A Memoir—Finding Light in the Shadow of a Brother's Disappearance

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