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is the first step 


One to one, I connect with writers.  

And the reward is often a nurturing

partnership. In refining their fiction together,

we trade questions. We share ideas. We discuss

human nature and dissect the dynamics of people

acting and reacting. Best of all, we talk writing.

And the insight, direction, or suggestions

we shape come tailor-made to their stories. 


Literary Consulting,

Developmental Editing, and Copyediting Services


Editorial Review 

So you feel pretty good about your manuscript. You’ve tweaked, revised, and rewritten

it, taken it as far as you can. But you need another perspective. Yep, been there!


  • I’ll read up to 300 pages of your manuscript, pinpoint its strengths
    and weaknesses, and provide general comments concerning revisions.


  • I’ll use these comments as talking points to guide up to three hours
    of consultation—in person, via Zoom, or by phone. 


  • If you would like, I will provide a digital recording of our consultation. 


Fee: $650. Each page over the first 300 will be $2.25/page.


Developmental Edit 

If you feel your manuscript needs a good scrubbing, a developmental edit

would be your best option. 


  • I’ll read the entire manuscript—zooming in and commenting on elements
    such as word choice, sentence and paragraph structure, dialogue, grammar,
    and punctuation.



  • In the margins of your manuscript I’ll provide detailed commentary. I’ll also
    include a letter providing an overview of larger developmental concerns.
    The margin notes, together with the letter, form a micro-macro guide
    to help you revise your work.  


Fee: $50/hour


If your manuscript needs a bit more polishing, I'll go through it line by line, keeping an eye out for consistency, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, and typos.

Fee: $35/hour

When copyediting or developmental editing, I always read through the manuscript at least three times. The first reading is an Overview Pass—just to become familiar with the story's strengths and shortcomings. During the Main Pass, I'll dig much deeper and begin suggesting changes. At the Loose Ends Pass, I'll go through my suggestions and the copy again, making certain they're clear and free of typos.

I structure my fees according to the reading:


Overview Pass — half the hourly rate

Main Pass — full hourly rate

Loose Ends Pass — half the hourly rate

Editorial Letter — full hourly rate


Call or email, and let's discuss your work.



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